In March 2017, Paul Mathieu was awarded the AD50, Architectural Digest India’s award for the 50 most influential architects and interior designers.  Highlighted with this honor is his design of the Gyan Museum, Jaipur.

The Sanskrit word Gyan signifies a premise where knowledge is power and information is liberating. A Paul Mathieu signature original design, The Gyan Museum in Jaipur features custom built display cases, a marble front desk, hand-knotted rugs, bronze daybed, and Murano glass chandelier.  Inspired by the passion and freedom that the late Mr. Gyan Dadhaa embraced as a collector of fine and decorative arts, Mr. Mathieu envisioned a space where objects and ideas from diverse provenance and periods would not only be admired, but inspire dialogue and new ways for visitors to experience them. Over 3,000 objects including textiles, utensils, manuscripts and antique jewelry are housed in the Museum.

Within Paul Mathieu’s meditative circular space, items from the permanent collection – a collection of precious hookah mouthpieces, for example – and rotating contemporary art shows are participants in a larger exchange of ideas where an expansive, cyclical concept of time becomes an elegant vision of tomorrow. >